We find that employee grievances and disputes are better handled by a third, impartial party than by a manager or owner of a company. The lingering hostility created by an unfavorable decision can be detrimental for company morale and overall employee productivity. Not dealing with latent employee problems can be even worse, causing outright sabotage and negative PR. The Barness has decades of experience in the work place and her methodology for conflict resolution is ideally suited. It’s also quite inexpensive comparatively, considering the opportunity cost created by disgruntled employees and lingering problems.

The same applies for neighbor and land disputes. The Barness has seen animals get hurt, children and the elderly mistreated and plants and property destroyed. These cases can last decades and cost thousands of dollars with no resolution in sight. However, the Barness creates swift, long-lasting and amicable resolutions. No party is obligated to settle until they are fully satisfied and in agreement.

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