Custody Agreements

Because we have time for and expertise in the usual issues in custody and visitation cases, our custody agreements and our parenting schedules are generally more user friendly and detailed than those that can be obtained in court. All parties have input, and we help create sensible agreements without the need to appear in court and fight it out. In the end, our agreements benefit everyone, but especially the children involved. The parents will be happy  the process only takes a few days or weeks, and the cost is only a fraction of the usual disheartening fight in court.

Co-Parenting Workshops

Co-Parenting Classes 

4 classes (Group Sessions) plus 5th session customized 

($45 pp per session weekly/$90 pp for #5)

Intake session  and copy of court or custody orders required.

  1. Best interest of the child
  2. NVC x2 – basics of non-verbal communication and non-violent communication
  3. Extra-curricular activities – children and adults
  4. Age appropriate activity and communication
  5. Individual customized session w just one set of parents ($90 pp)

All Sessions via Zoom

We do not bill or take insurance, however we do accept third party payment. Payments must be made in advance, prior to services being rendered.

Please use the PayPal link for your convenience.

Co-Parenting  – topics, issues and skills

NVC:  non-verbal communication

NVC:  non-violent communication

Communication Modalities

The Apology

Time Management




The greater Good

Best interest of the child


Rights, duties & responsibilities

Understanding custody and child support

Truth, respect and transparency

Health and Nutrition

Extracurricular Activities and Hobbies

Age appropriate activities


Relatives and paramours


Social Media

Child Safety





Trips and Travel


Parent Alienation


Workplace Mediation

Business & Contract Disputes

Settlement Agreements

Wills, Estates & Succession

Employee & Neighbor Disputes

Conflict Audits & Coaching

Workshops & Seminars

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