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Our firm was founded in 2006, and since then, we have helped create many intelligent win-win solutions for clients. No matter if you are wealthy or not, young or old, have children or no children, in agreement or not, we can help you get on the path to a brighter, happier future. We can even connect with you virtually via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype if you are unable to meet with us in person.

When two or more parties need to come to a resolution, whether it’s divorce and custody, or employee or neighbor disputes, contract disputes, settlement determinations of financial awards resulting from litigation or other business matters, professional mediation is ideally suited to arrive at a binding, legal solution.

Fortunately mediation is now a viable alternative for any type of conflict resolution. While highly effective, mediation is also proven to be considerably faster and cheaper than traditional litigation. Mediated agreements are legally enforceable and often longer lasting than traditional court orders. All parties and all concerns, big or small, can be heard and considered. Mediation is risk-free and confidential. Professional mediation takes a certain mindset and years of experience and training. The vast majority, even very complex and multi-party cases, in all facets of life are now being successfully completed in mediation. The agreements can be filed in the courts, if necessary.

Mediation is generally a voluntary process. The parties might not be happy to be involved in a dispute, but they can be guaranteed that all their concerns will be heard and considered, unlike the normal, strict, constrained court procedure.

Although the states of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey don’t require any specific schooling or certification for the new profession of mediator, the Baroness voluntarily adheres to all national ethical standards outlined by various mediator associations, such as continuing education credits, conflict of interest prevention, transparency, confidentiality and insurance requirements. She is also a registered member of the PA Council of Mediators and several other professional associations.

Baroness Juliane von Schmeling, BS, MBA, EJD

Baroness von Schmeling personally experienced that the adversarial legal system doesn’t always work so well in resolving custody and support disputes, as well as many other conflicts. As a result she looked for other solutions, and found mediation to be an excellent, user-friendly alternative form for conflict resolution.

Things happen, and matters need to be resolved, but it doesn’t have to mean that disputes and divorces get drawn out for years and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to resolve. She has decades of experience in resolving issues in the business environment and since 2006 has mediated many divorces and custody and support cases as well as other Alternative Conflict Resolution (ACR). She knows from experience that mediation works much faster and in practically all cases and is so much less expensive than the traditional forms of suing each other in a court of law. Best of all, the agreements she has worked out are in the end legally binding and enforceable, just like traditional court orders. But all parties had more of a chance for real input during the process, so naturally these agreements are usually longer lasting and not appealed.

Baroness J. von Schmeling strives to create intelligent win-win solutions for all parties and has received many referrals in recent years from satisfied clients and industry professionals alike. She is a trained Mediator with Certificate, and has many other important, pertinent credentials such as an MBA in finance, studies in psychology, mental health, consumer research, and more. She also regularly attends continuing education seminars. Unlike many family law attorneys, she has devoted her entire career to becoming a professional, goal-oriented mediator.

The Baroness works all over NEPA, the Philadelphia area, New York City, and New Jersey as well as internationally. She is a graduate of Inlingua in Frankfurt, Germany, Kings College (BS) and Wilkes University (MBA), Concord Law School (EJD), and IMA (Mediator Certificate) and has accumulated dozens of CLEs all over the country in areas such as psychology, neuroscience, finance, cyber law, social media, non-verbal & verbal communication, etc.

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