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Deciding to divorce is bad enough, so don’t make it even more emotionally and mentally devastating and financially crippling. It also doesn’t have to take what often seems forever or put the children in the middle, often with sad, long-term damaging consequences.

Essentially, divorce happens in four phases: Emotional, Social, Financial and Legal. The Emotional Phase is the hard part in the beginning when the reality of the impending divorce sets in, and the heartache starts. The Social Phase decides who gets the friends, which in-laws and other family members will be on whose side, where the parties may live and who is “at fault.”

The Financial Phase is were it gets really complicated, and that’s where Baroness Juliane von Schmeling brings her education and experience to full use – coming to swift, fair solutions for settlement agreements, support and other financial matters. There is no reason that a divorce should drive either party into bankruptcy, foreclosure or ruin either’s FICO credit scores.

Lastly, the Legal Phase. Nowadays, with the internet, the legal part in most divorces has been reduced to the printing and filing of standard forms, available at local office supply stores or downloaded from a website. These fill-in-the-blank forms are also available from many courthouses and from our firm free of charge. Most couples will never appear before a master or a judge, whether they both hire attorneys or use one mediator. But when that has to happen, the Baroness’ firm refers to competent family law attorneys for representation. The core of any larger divorce, the “Divorce or Property Settlement Agreement” and/or “Custody Stipulation” are generated through mediation by our firm and can be filed by the parties in their respective courthouses Pro Se (meaning on their own without attorneys) practically anywhere in the country.

Thus the Baroness’ firm takes the myth out of the divorce process that attorneys are required to start divorce proceedings and that only attorneys can file a divorce, when divorce is really no longer primarily a legal matter at all in the vast majority of cases, no matter where in the US.

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