Conflict Audits

Any company or organization that doesn’t operate in harmony just like a well-oiled high-tech machine doesn’t function at optimum level. And that deficiency costs money, often a lot of money. Opportunity cost is real and can be quantified and generally results in lower profit and the indirect, but significant cost of low morale.

As conflict coach and auditor, the Baroness researches the human dynamic with a trained eye, ear, and mind, including flow of communication, responsiveness, compliance, innovation and overall level of harmony.

This can be done for small groups, such as offices, departments, or boards, to large companies, institutions or organization. Once her research is complete, the Baroness makes suggestions and recommendations as to how to correct issues and essentially improve the bottom line while improving workplace satisfaction, morale and productivity. She then proceeds with mediation, and ultimately, conflict resolution to attack and resolve critical issues and situations for optimum results.

The confidentiality of mediation is provided by statute, in Pennsylvania see Statute 42 Pa.C.S. § 5949.

Professional comprehensive conflict audits often times are a key factor in preventing future costly lawsuits for harassmentdiscrimination and hostile work environment. On the positive side, a good conflict audit will be the start of fostering innovation and prosperity.


Conflict Coaching

Most people were never taught how to handle conflict well. Our society glorifies unresolved conflict and does not recognize that successful resolution is neither obedient compliance nor avoidance, but rather constructive, honest and respectful communication with the goal of resolution coupled with prevention of future occurrence.

As experienced mediator and conflict coach, the Baroness assists with and teaches individuals and groups how to recognize conflict, understand the signs and potential motivation, as well as how to deal with, and ultimately, resolve it.

This takes work. This takes forming an understanding of conflict. And first and foremost, it takes skill to recognize all obvious signs and sources of conflict, as well as recognizing and defining underlying, hidden, subtle causes for ongoing disputes.

Divorce is one of the most prevalent and often devastating forms of conflict. Using a conflict coach can be of tremendous help in all facets of a divorce, often making the difference.

Conflict coaching is also a fantastic tool for improving corporate culture and job satisfaction, and with that, the bottom line.

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